Loved going here. The Lady at the counter was so nice and helpful. I loved showing my children the puppies, and it was great to hold a few. Unlike anything I've seen before. 5 stars for sure
Jordan Christensen
My favorite place! Staff is so friendly and helpful & you can play with all the puppies to get a sense of which is best for you, they’re all adorable and loving! I would recommend getting a pup from here!
Lety Colon
It is so nice to be able to hold, pet, and play with the puppies to get to know what we and our daughter like! I like that most of the puppies are in open air enclosures so you can reach in and pet and hold them on your own. They also have a couple areas where you can bring a puppy in to play with on the floor. The few times we’ve been there have always been a good variety of breeds, which has been fun and we’ve been able to get ideas on a couple breeds we’d like to consider that we wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. Very clean inside and several hand sanitizing stations which I appreciate (and of course the puppies do as well!). The employees have always been nice and helpful. Love that we have a place like this in St. George!
Rachel Haymond
The Puppy Store is a really fun place to go!!! You get to hold and play with all the cute and happy little puppies ... I LOVE going there, it just makes my day!!! The puppies are always clean, they are healthy and well cared for. I LOVE there is a designated play area where you can play with the puppies. I also LOVE the fact that anyone could hold the puppies ... kids, teens, adults, etc. It's great that there are no age restrictions of "18 and older only policy" especially when your family is looking to add a new addition to the family. The staff is AWESOME, they are so nice to talk to and really friendly and helpful to everyone. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND The Puppy Store to everyone who is looking for that new family member or if you just want to brighten your day with happy and friendly puppies. I challenge you all to visit the store today, tomorrow and often!!!
Hailey Nelson
I always love coming in to this store! I have allergies but it's worth dealing with them to play with these cute happy pups for a while. The staff is cool and I like the freedom customers have to pet and play with any pup they want. That's what makes this place so great. Also, the payment plan option is perfect for the college students in the area. Overall, great variety of breeds, great staff, great payment options!
Josh Thompson
We just purchased our puppy here. The digs are well socialized, clean, and happy. There is a 12 year warranty on her health. It was a great experience.
Melissa Moss

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